April Fools and Twisted Thicket Items in Store!

Recently, Twisted Thicket merchandise has been added to the items in the store:

An April Fools costume is a new addition as well:

What will come next?


I’ve Just Been APRIL FOOLS’D

Omigosh! :O I just visited the Poptropica Creators’ Blog and GUESS WHAT APPEARED:

“Well, most of you caught our little April Fools’ joke over the weekend. We aren’t adding noses to Poptropicans. Everyone would look too weird!

But there was a grain of truth in our gag. Now, you can get a fake nose in the Poptropica Store!” -Captain Crawfish

OH MY GOODNESS! I TOTALLY FELL FOR THAT! :O I feel extremely gullible. Fortunately, you will get a fake nose for the low price of 75 credits.

Anybody else fall for this gag? Post your reactions in the comments. Gladly, this incident has led me to be cautious of next year’s April Fool’s Day. 🙂

Noses? Noses!!

Noses!! The creators on http://blog.poptropica.com/ have announced that they will be adding NOSES to customize your character! Who nose what we could do with this new addition?! (Hee hee) On Monday they will be giving EVERY Poptropica character a nose!

“Now, your Poptropican will be better than ever at sniffing out clues, stuffing the competition, and running up the score.” – Captain Crawfish.

Last week’s post stated this:






I guess they were hinting towards this update, huh? :3

Again: Noses will be arriving Monday, April 2nd!

Tasty New Costumes in Shop!

UPDATE!!: The Waffle Costume is for international Waffle Day!! (March 23) the three pies are for PI DAY! (Yes, pi.)  Pie is 3.14… (the number goes on forever) it is used to calculate the area of a circle. Since it starts with 3.14, March 14 is Pi Day! xD Clever!

Thanks to http://blog.poptropica.com/ for the info! 🙂


Hey guys! 4 new costumes were just recently released in the Poptropica Shop. They look pretty tasty! 😛

These costumes include:

  • Waffle covered in syrup
  • Chocolate/Mud pie
  • Lemon pie
  • Cherry pie
  • St. Patrick’s Day Costume
  • Heart ♥

Last week’s costumes?

Consists of:

  • St. Patrick’s Day Costume
  • Heart ♥
  • Angel
  • Devil
  • Football Player
  • Astronaut

What will next week’s costumes be? 😉

Big Foot and Holiday Attire In The Store~!

Elo peoples! There are some new items in the Store! Woo! Here they are:

So, we have here two new Christmas Outifts and a Big Foot costume! Coolio!  Let me know what you think of these costumes! 😀  Cya Laterz!