Poptropica Tutorial

Hello! Poptropica is fun, simple, and very easy. You only have to use your mouse to control your player. (Note: It is very difficult if you’re using a laptop.) Here’s a quick tutorial on how to control your player! 🙂


To make your player run, simple put the mouse to the left or right of you’re player until the blue arrow is visible. Move the curs0r farther to the left or right (depending on which way you want to run) to adjust your speed.


To jump, raise you’re cursor to where the green arrow appears and move it upward to increase or decrease the length of your leap.


To duck,  put your cursor under your character until the yellow cursor appears. You cannot jump down or duck further. To duck, it really helps a lot in most of the islands! 😀 Keep this in mind.

                                                                                                                                                AUTO JUMP

Sometimes when you click on a character on a higher platform, your character will jump until it gets up to the ledge. You will only reach it if it is in the jumping range of where your character is.

That’s all the moves your character can acomplish. Keep these sick motions in mind on the bosses of islands! 😀


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